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A delegation of the Changnin District of Shanghai is on a business trip to the Soviet District.

On September 25, 2017, the members of the delegation visited the science and technology park “Polytechnic” of BNTU, the Central Department Store, and gymnasia No. 23. During the visit, talks were held between the head of the district administration Yuriy Trushchenko and the deputy secretary of the party committee of the Chinese Communist Party in the Changnin district of Shanghai Han Zhitsyan.

“Let our cooperation grow rapidly like bamboo,” said Han Zhiqiang, handing Yury Trushchenko a vase in the form of a bamboo sprout as a gift. In response, the Belarusian side presented a picture of leather, made in an unusual technique, with a depiction of a map of Belarus and the views of the country.

- Friendly relations have been established with the Changnin district of Shanghai since the 1990s, - commented Y. Trushchenko. - However, personal meetings can solve some issues faster and more efficiently. I think the current visit of the Chinese delegation will add a new impulse to our cooperation and we will reach a qualitatively new level of relations in the coming years. We hope that today we are able to reach an agreement in the field of education, science, culture and sports. Our district has something to offer either in the field of production or construction. Therefore, it is possible that the areas of mutual interests will expand.

- We want to deepen the cooperation in the field of culture, construction, sports and economy. Together we can do a lot, said Han Zhiqiang, head of the Chinese delegation.

He invited Belarusian athletes to participate in sports events which are held this year in Shanghai. Also the representatives of the Soviet district administration received an official invitation to visit Shanghai.

“We estimated the level of construction in Minsk, looked at your architecture and we want to demonstrate our capabilities in this area,” Han Zhiqiang said during the talks.

Tomorrow the discussions will be continued with a visit to the Chinese-Belarusian industrial park.

According to UE "Minsk-News Agency"